Text formatting


Markdown is a popular "easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format" that can be converted to the HTML web format, while still remaining easily readable as plain text.

bold This is of **particular importance**!
cursive This calls for *special* consideration.
heading # Main title, ## Section title, ### Subsection title
image ![Image title](<public_link>),
[image 300x200] [Image title](<public_link>)
video [video] [Title](<public_link>)
audio [audio] [Title](<public_link>)
quote > The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
underline This is a _key notion_.
subdocument --- @2022-01-21
code ```console.log('Cheers!');```

The tiny bullets in this table mark compatible extensions to classic Markdown.
For more Markdown options, see for instance Markdown Guide.


TeX is a popular plain text format for scientific formulae. While most blogs, social media, and other online publishing platforms won't allow for insertion of human-readable formulae, pencraft.space will make your formulae shine.

standalone $$E_k = \frac{m v^2}{2}$$
inline $\Phi (x)$

Custom attributes

To add custom attributes to a publication, put the following block at the very beginning of your shared text file:

author: Author's Name
date: yyyy-mm-dd
contact: https://anypublicwebsite.com/author

This block and all attributes are optional.